About Us / FAQ

What IS cycling without age?

Cycling Without Age (CWA) is a volunteer movement created in Copenhagen in 2012, that has helped people living in facilities to feel welcome again in the communities where they might otherwise think they have been forgotten. The simple act of going for a bike ride reconnects them with nature, their community and the world around them.


CWA in Medicine Hat is making it possible for seniors or those with mobility challenges living in designated care facilities to get on a special 3-wheeled electric bike known as a “trishaw”. The trishaws have a two-seater passenger carriage in the front, propelled by a “volunteer pilot” who sits on the back. The bike pilot can easily chat with the passengers: slow rides bring people together from different generations through conversation, storytelling and reminiscing.

Visit Cycling Without Age Canada and Cycling Without Age International. for more information.

When did Medicine Hat join Cycling Without Age?  

Our first trishaw was assembled in the fall of 2022.

Our launch party was held at Cypress View Foundation in May, 2023.

Can I be a passenger? 

Our trishaws are located in independent and supportive living centers in Medicine Hat. 

Our passengers are residents from those centers.

How can I become a Volunteer/Pilot?

Our pilots attend a 3-hour training session, provide a clean Criminal Record Check . . . . and they must love cycling and conversing with seniors! More information can be found in the Volunteer Tab

Reach out to CWAmedhat@gmail.com to become a pilot. 

Email CWAmedhat@gmail.com with your questions.